Wednesday, July 4, 2018

When do I harvest my garlic?

Quick answer: When half the leaves are brown.  
Harvest- Dig up when half of the leaves are brown (including the bottom leaves which have fallen off), usually June 25- July 10 for me. "Turban" garlics such as Tzan and Shantung Purple are usually ready 3 weeks before the rest (June 15 or so). 
When harvesting, remove the biggest chunks of dirt from the garlic by giving a gentle twist to the dirt clump. I leave on the roots and stems. After harvest shade immediately. Hang or put on ventilated shelves for 3 weeks to “cure” with stems on. They must have good air circulation and shade.

How To Store- Clip off the stems after they are cured. Store at room temperature or cooler, out of direct sunlight. Cool basements and garages can work well for storage. The bulbs need air circulation, but storing in paper bags is recommended for long-term storage to keep them from drying out too much. Many people have luck storing in the fridge in paper bags. Hardnecks generally store up to 5 months. Softnecks up to 9 months. Turbans stay firm til December or January, but send up random sprouts starting in November (still great to eat).
Garlic that has been in the ground too long will start to lose the skins and will not store as long but is otherwise fine.
Cleaning-  After curing just rub off the dirt, and maybe one layer of dirty outside skin and they will look gorgeous. 

Note from 2018- several types of our garlic have been harvested already as of July 3rd. The cutworm damage we had in Spring made it smaller which made it dry out quicker,  and the recent hot weather also sped up the ripening process. More updates later!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Scapes Galore! Veggie plants for sale. National pollinator week. Last week til August 4th.

We have lots of curlies- otherwise known as garlic scapes- to sell this week. We harvested the last batch yesterday while they are still young and tender.

How to use cooked: Put in your eggs, beans, potatoes, pasta, soup, stir fry, burrito.  Sautee for a minute, add salt and serve as your pasta topping. You may want to cut off the bottom part if it is tough, and the tip. You can use the flower part in your food if you like. They are great grilled whole too!
How to use raw: Slice thinly and add to a green salad, potato salad, hummous, tabouli, tuna salad, dips.
Make pesto (puree with olive oil and salt) and spread on bread, sandwiches, pizza crust.
For more ideas go to
Scapes will store for 2 months in the fridge in a plastic bag!!
We will have generous bags (about a handful) for $2.25 (or $2 if you bring your own bag). 
Come get them at the Boulder Farmer's Market this Saturday! The garlic harvest will start next week so we will not be at market again until August 4th.

We'll also have some tomato, basil, pepper, cucumber plant and a few other plants for your garden. 

We specialize in selling plants for pollinators- come celebrate National Pollinator week with us. Bee friendly plants from organic seed, no chemicals, especially grown for pollinators and flowering beauty.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

WeeBee Farms will be at 2 markets this Saturday! Longmont and Boulder

Come get your plants at the Longmont Farmer's Market this Saturday or in Boulder. Creekfest is happening in Boulder.  8-10 is the nicest time to come if you don't like crowds.

Oranos sweet peppers

Belcanto peppers

basil- we have several kinds

Black plum tomatoes

Holy basil, bees

true hyssop

Nasturtim plants will be for sale

Asian, lemon, pickling cukes

purple poppies!

Scarlet Sage

We will have lots of Tomato and Pepper plants. Basil, cucumbers, zucchini, herbs, flowers greens and much more!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Not at market today- come next week. Pepper plants coming...

We are not at Market on May 19th but will be there May 26th.
Come early before the Creekfest crowds arrive! Before 10am it'll be peaceful and free parking is available at the RTD station .
Pepper plants will be for sale May 26th and June 2nd- we have LOTS this year!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Start your gardens!

Come see our selection of Salad Bowls for Mother's Day!

Should be a beautiful days, with just a little drizzle.
WeeBee Farms is bringing LOTS of plants so come by and see us.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Will Sunday be the day to start your garden? Come Saturday for plants...

A drizzly day is predicted- the market won't be too crowded and there will be lots of starts for your garden. Sunday may be the perfect day to plant!

From today: These are now in the van, ready to bring to market!
Come check out our plant starts: peas, lettuce, kale, mustards, onions, arugula and cilantro! Also Salad Bowls, kitty grass, Flowers for Pollinators and other hardy plants. These have been outside in 20 degree weather, wind, and full sun. They are REALLY ready to plant!

Friday, April 13, 2018

WeeBee Farms first market of the season will be April 21st.

We will have Salad Bowl planters, kale, lettuce and greens for your garden.
And plants for pollinators. Poppies, flowers that attract bees and other pollinators, hummingbirds and lots more.

Sorry we will miss you at tomorrow's market- we had planned to be there but I injured my knee during garlic weeding and will give it a rest before the big season begins. - Karen

Friday, December 15, 2017

Garlic planting in December? Water!!! And photographs from WeeBee Farms at Harlequin's market

First of all - we have had a very warm dry month and in spite of the skiff of snow yesterday the soil is very dry, so if you can, give your garlic a good soaking! We soaked our main field last week. Yesterday I planted one last little section of garlic with some of the smaller cloves left over from the main planting. Normally Dec 1st is the "deadline" but not this year.
Also I have made some interesting things with photos from the farm that are for sale at Harlequin's Gardens Holiday Gift Market.
Come by and see!
I have trivets with photos, notecards, mini-journals and bookmarks on display. Look in the back "bee area" for the notecards and journals. Harlequin's has a BEAUTIFUL selection of gifts!!!! They are open til the 24th....

Friday, December 1, 2017

Winter Market on Saturday and Sunday! Farm photos of bees, garlic, flowers and more!

Come visit the Winter Market! I will be there for the first time with photos from the farm, gift items big and small, holiday cards and even a little bit of garlic!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Day was garlic planting day at WeeBee Farms. Winter Market next Saturday!

Plant garlic, make pie, plant garlic, eat Thanksgiving dinner. That's how the day was here! Gratitude for garlic, good weather, good food and good friends and family!
It's not unusual for us to plant a little garlic on Thanksgiving, usually it's the last day of planting. This year our main garlic field was too wet in early November to till and plant because of our last 2 snows. Luckily with the warm weather it looks like we'll be done by the "deadline" of December 1st.
Winter Market
I've been busy making photo prints and doing work for the Winter Market for WeeBee Farms Art & Photography. Come visit Dec 2nd and 3rd! I will have lots of gift ideas and maybe even a little garlic! Stay tuned...