Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Planting garlic from WeeBee Farms

Can I plant the garlic from WeeBee Farms?
  Yes- for home gardeners the Garlic that we sell can be used for planting if you do a hot-water soak before you plant. We've been growing garlic since 1996 and have selected the 20 best varieties that grow well at our farm in Boulder County. If you have a sunny spot (directly in the ground) with good water access you will probably succeed.

Read the directions here https://weebeefarms.blogspot.com/p/how-to-plant-garlic.html  or click on the Info pages link on the right.

What is "Planting Garlic" vs "Eating Garlic?"- the only difference is size. You want to use the larger cloves from the larger bulbs for planting so that you can grow larger bulbs. Of course you should start with local garlic that is organic and hasn't been treated with anti-sprouting agents or bleached (as grocery store garlic may be).

What is the Garlic Disease at WeeBee Farms?
Over the years we have found a few diseased bulbs in our garlic plots (two diseases: White Rot, and garlic nematodes). Although the diseased bulbs have been thrown out, there is a chance that a trace could be present on the garlic we are selling. These could infect your garden soil (affecting only garlic, onions and other alliums). This doesn’t affect the quality, flavor, health benefits or storage life of the garlic we are selling.

We recommend that you don’t plant garlic from our farm if you grow on a large scale, or plan to sell your garlic. If you do plant it for your home garden you should do a hot-water soak before planting per our instructions. This should eliminate 95% of the disease spores. This hot water soak should actually be done for any garlic that's not grown on your property. After you do this one year, you can replant garlic from your own garden without doing the soak. If you acquire the white rot disease it may take a few years to see noticeable symptoms so it's best to not take the chance and keep your soil clean.

We are working on trying to eliminate or reduce the disease using organic methods, and have had good success in keeping symptoms to a minimum by using the hot-water soak and dipping the cloves in a special fungal powder and mycorrhizae at planting time. In 2019 through 2022 we had no garlic with obvious symptoms of white rot. That doesn't mean it is gone, since the spores persist in the soil for up to 20 years, and symptoms aren't always apparent.  We still find some bulbs with garlic nematodes, which isn't as serious, but is definitely something to avoid.

Why plant your own?
It's very fun and satisfying to grow your own garlic! And the garlic tastes WAY better than any you can buy in a store. Once you start growing you will have your own "seed stock" every year so it's very economical. And when you grow your own you'll eat a lot more garlic and enjoy all the health benefits that garlic can bring...

Monday, August 15, 2022

A Good Garlic Season!

A Good Garlic Season!

All in all the garlic harvest was very good this season, not huge bulbs, but they're nice-looking and decent sized. Not too much disease was evident but there was a little more nematode damage than usual. We are a bit short of Inchelium Red but have good amounts of most other kinds.

Check out our website if you want to order online for market pickup WeeBeeFarms.com

Our first market with garlic was August 6th. We will go to October, but will NOT be at market on August 27th. Can't wait to see you!

Korean Red Hot

This fantastic garlic grew very well this year and we have a lot! Come and try it! 

Korean Red Hot - A culinary treasure from Asia. Eaten raw, robust flavor will wake up your mouth! A superb cooking garlic. Spicy and mellow at first, then with building heat. Will keep until November. If planted, use hot water soak first.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Garlic and Plant Report

 We had a great plant season this Spring and won't be back to market until August 6th with garlic.

Plants for your garden

If you still have room in your garden for some plants to plant when it cools down later this week we have some left to sell if you can pick up from the farm on Wednesday. Cucumbers, zucchini and lots of flowers. Check out the website to see what we have. Weebeefarms.com

Garlic scapes available

Scapes are ready, and were sold at market on Saturday, and are now available at farm pick-up only through our website.


The garlic looks great with the exception of Inchelium Red. For those who are asking about watering the garlic the answer is YES! Water well now. And up to 3-4 days before harvest.

Come to the Boulder Farmer's Market for garlic August 6th through October 22nd.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Big Garlic! Last market...

 We have lots of big garlic left- Chesnok Red and Inchelium Red. These big ones are good for planting or eating and will keep til December or January.  You can buy them separately or bagged up with planting instructions. We also have quite a few bargain bags and "stock-up" bags to keep you in garlic for the winter...

Come get the last of the garlic on Saturday the 23rd at our last market for the season. 

Thank you for a great season!!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Last Call for Garlic! Oct 9th and Oct 23rd.

 Two more markets for WeeBee Farms Garlic!

We'll be at Boulder Market Oct. 9th and Sat. Oct. 23rd. (We won't be at market Oct 16th).


We still have lots of Inchelium Red & Chesnok Red as well as a few other kinds. And Jumbo garlic for eating or planting. Come and get it!

Visit weebeefarms.com  to check availability or to pre-order 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Garlic in Boulder! Garlic in Longmont

Garlic for Eating! Garlic for Planting*!

It’s been quite a garlic season. We’ve had an abundance of garlic for 7 weeks and will have another big Market Day tomorrow. We’ll be in Boulder as usual (until October 9th). And thanks to my trusty helper Georgia -we’ll be in Longmont too on Sept 25th. 

We have about 10 different types to choose from, including our famous variety bags (pictured) with 5 or 8 varieties, color-coded and with helpful info. We also have “planting” variety bags with extra-large garlic and instructions on how to plant. *A hot water soak is recommended. This is probably the peak of garlic availability so come on by before our supplies dwindle. October 2nd will be another big Market day too.

For planting instructions see our info pages on this page (top right area) https://weebeefarms.blogspot.com/p/how-to-plant-garlic.html

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Garlic coming August 7th to Market!

 August 7th will be the first garlic sales date at Boulder Farmer's Market.  

I can't wait to see you there!

We have a LOT of garlic this year. The first market will feature German Extra Hardy, Chesnok Red, Inchelium Red and a few surprises....


Saturday, July 17, 2021

How to clean and "cure" your garlic after harvest

After digging/pulling the garlic at WeeBee Farms

At the time I pull garlic I shake the extra soil off of each bulb by "whapping" the bulb on my palm. With big clods of soil I give the clod a little twist and then shake it or whap it. I don't use water to wash the dirt off the garlic as it could affect the curing process and storage life. Some people do wash their garlic, however, especially if they plan to sell or eat it right away.

After pulling and doing the rough cleaning I lay my garlic on racks to dry, giving them plenty of space at first, then condensing them into piles after a week or so. I give the garlic 3 weeks to fully dry, with the roots and stems on. They plump up while curing as the stems dry. It's fun to see the garlic get bigger!

Some of the 2021 Harvest drying in the barn

Here is a link to a video of me cleaning garlic after 3 weeks of curing.  WeeBee Farms garlic cleaning

 The bulbs weren't too dirty and were very dry in this video so it was pretty easy. Some garlic comes out much dirtier and can take more time to clean, but usually the outside layer of skin can be rubbed off with a little effort. Try not to take of more than one layer of skin.

Here's a link to a youtube video put out by a guy named Ned Cooke about his method of garlic cleaning: "How to Clean Harvested Garlic After Drying"  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rHaYI8RDgs

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Time to Harvest Your Garlic?

 Here at WeeBee Farms the garlic is late due to a cooler than usual Late Winter and Spring. July 1st is usually the magic day, but not this year. As of July 5th we have just picked the softnecks, and a couple other types, but a lot of it won't be harvested til July 10th or later.

So how can you tell when it's ready?

The general rule of thumb is to pick when half the leaves are brown, but 40% brown is actually ideal, for longer storage of your garlic. (Each leaf represents one layer of wrapper on the bulb). The trick is to make sure to count the leaves at the bottom that have already dried up and may have fallen off.

3 brown leaves at the bottom

See the photo of this garlic with 3 dried up leaves at the bottom. 

Smaller garlic dries up faster so gets picked earlier. If yours is still all green and has big thick stems, it may turn out to be huge! We have some huge garlic here too.

You may gain a bit more size by leaving your garlic in the ground  longer, but I've found that it also gains considerable size on the drying racks if you leave the stems on while they dry. 

If you leave it in the ground too long the wrappers will deteriorate and your garlic won't store long and may start to spread open.

Picked these softnecks already

Softneck garlics will start to fall over if you wait too long, so I pick those  earlier. This Inchelium Red softneck is long-storing and I want to keep it that way! I picked it with 3 brown leaves, 2 yellow leaves and 4 green leaves.

Watering before harvest- We generally don't water much in the week before harvest so the soil won't be too wet. If the soil is very hard and dry we water lightly a couple of days before harvest unless significant rain is predicted.

A special note- the "Turban" garlics mature 2-3 weeks earlier and were fully ripe and harvested on June 16th.

All in all it is a fantastic garlic year at WeeBee Farms, and we are SO grateful. We will be back at the Boulder Farmers Markt selling garlic soon. And we'll be in Longmont in September for a market too, so Stay Tuned!

To be picked tomorrow

Friday, June 11, 2021

Garlic Crop Report/ Scapes are here!


Our garlic crop looks fabulous this year!  It's nice to have a "good" year after several challenging years.

Our first Garlic scapes - aka "Curlies" have just been picked this morning. Come and get 'em at the Boulder Farmers Market on Saturdays (starting 6/12) or order some online at weebeefarms.com

We'll have bulk bags for $10, or small bundles for a few dollars. Bring your own bag and we'll give you extra...
They'll be at market until June 26th - then gone til next season.