Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Plants for Sale starting April 15th!

The cold weather plants will be for sale soon! Come see us for your garden plants on Saturday April 15th.

We will have a palate of colorful and Colorado-friendly lettuces, several kinds of our favorite kales, arugula, purple mizuna (tasty and colorful mustard greens) for salads, broccoli, parsley, baby carrots and a lot more.

Everything will be fully hardened off and ready for the outdoors and has been tested in WeeBee Farms' gardens for 20 years.

April snow and cold spells can seem harsh to us, but these cool-weather plants like it far better than the hot May weather that usually follows!!

Salad bowl planters are a good way to get a jump on the season and eat fresh salad greens a month earlier.
Later we'll be offering hot weather plants- but don't jump the gun- June 1st is the best day to plant tomato plants outside. We do it every year and have never failed to get a bountiful crop!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Time to water your garlic!

The garlic came up in the first week of February- pretty much right on time! We have been watering the garlic in the past few days using a sprinkler for about 3 hours per "station". This is the time to take off mulch if you haven't already. You can take it off little by little if it is a deep mulch. We don't mulch anymore and the garlic seems to do fine without it. Let's hope that some snow cover and some more seasonal temperatures are coming soon!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Over the years I have taken a lot of photos around the farm and around Boulder County. Some bees, hummingbird moths and other creatures and a lot of scenery.
My friend Eva Maier from Cedar Art Studios has invited me to exhibit some photos at her Studio on First Friday February 3rd.

Come visit me at my very first art exhibit! I am working on a photo art blog, and it is very rudimentary so far, but take a look if you'd like. Here's a link: