Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What's being seeded in the greenhouse?

We've planted 6 varieties of kale for April sales at the market. (don't forget to make room for planting kale in April - it's VERY cold hardy). My new favorite is called Delaway. It isn't as beautiful as the others (looks big and cabbage-like), but is the very sweetest. It's the one I constantly nibble on as I work. Broccoli diCicco is up and growing fast, as well as Swiss chard (gold, red and silver), lettuces of all colors and a few other cold hardy plants.
Next week Caley and I will be starting pea plants that will be ready to plant out in April.
We also started lots of strawberries this year. Regular strawberries from our patch, and lots of the "wild" Alpine strawberries that are so delectable.