Friday, September 25, 2015

Garlic Report, descriptions

We have 3 new types of garlic to sell this week: Canadian, Brown Tempest, and Amethyst. The descriptions and color codes are below.
Unfortunately we are out of the individual bulbs of Chesnok Red- but we do have lots of "Bargain bags" of it left for the next two weeks or so. The bargain bags have smaller, blemished or split garlic which we have a lot of this year thanks to hail and flooding and muddy fields. It still tastes great, but won't store quite as long if it is split.

  • Canadian- An abundance of hearty garlic flavor! Too strong to enjoy raw- try roasting with vegetables, adding to beans, soups and stews. Known as "Russian Red" in Canada. Keeps through November GREEN
  • Brown Tempest-  Robust garlic flavor for true garlic lovers. A very strong, tangy quality when used raw for appetizers & salads. Milder, but delicious when cooked. Perfect roasted with potatoes, meats & stews.  An easy to peel hardneck garlic. Stores through December. BROWN
  • Amethyst- A Gorgeous purple variety. Intriguing, spicy flavor mellows when cooked. Good for Asian cooking, omelets, fresh salsa or with veggies. Holds up to sauteeing Stores through November. ORANGE