Friday, April 29, 2016

See you at market May 8th! Don't forget Salad Bowl Planters for Mother's Day!!!

The cool weather plants are thriving in this weather!!!  But, because of the snow, rain and wind we won't be there tomorrow April 30th, so gear up for gardening next weekend.
We will take good care of the plants until then. They are inside our "shade frames" which are like cold frames, but with just a shade cloth to protect them from the weight of the snow and the full sun on sunny days. These shade frames offer no protection from the cold, but the greens like this weather!

Lettuce and Bok Choy outside enjoying the weather near the shade frame

The greens are pretty happy inside the shade frame too

May 8th will still be a good time to plant all the cool weather plants, and we'll have a few of our famous "Latah" tomato plants. (Super-early tomatoes that are very juicy and flavorful.)
Don't forget to get your Salad Bowl Planter for Mother's Day weekend!!!