Thursday, June 23, 2016

Early harvest! Watch the leaves- harvest when half of them are brown!

Some of our garlic is ready to harvest earlier this year. Probably due to the heat, and possibly being under- watered. We harvested the "Turban" types on June 15th, about 5 days earlier than usual. Some of the regular season garlic is ready early, and we just finished pulling the Inchelium Red- about a week earlier than usual. Keep an eye on your garlic leaves! (Growers- see note below photos)

Using the tractor harvester
Tzan (Mexican Red)was harvested June 15th


Note to growers. This year it has been hard to tell when the garlic is ready to harvest. The 2 bottom leaves have browned and fallen off, and the tips are very brown/ yellow, but some of the bulbs are still not fully formed. TheChesnok Red just had it's scapes harvested
last week, so shouldn't be harvested for another week or two, but looks unusually dried out. Some of the porcelains have been harvested as half the leaves are brown (German Extra Hardy), but are much smaller this year even though the plants looked extra big. I think the sudden transition from cold to hot weather in early June has triggered some of the garlic to "bolt" early. I remember some nights were near freezing, with the days getting to the 90's. I watered the Chesnok Red last week, and it seems to be holding out OK for harvest sometime between July 1st and 5th. Usually it gets harvested around July 10th here at our farm.