Friday, October 28, 2016

Cold weather WILL come... Cooking garlic and medicinal garlic available Saturday.

With the warm weather hanging on who is in the mood for cooking soups, stews and sauces?
We haven't had our usual rush of people buying garlic for cooking, so we still have plenty to sell. We all know the cold weather is around the corner and THEN we'll be wanting to make pumpkin soup, roasted veggies, stews &  breads.
Use our garlic for Cold and flu prevention- Shatili
We have Shatili- the most highly medicinal garlic this weekend! Press a clove, mix with honey for a VERY potent remedy.  (see the post on Medicinal garlic in the upper right "pages" section)
Shatili is also fabulous for making green chile, soups and stews.
We will be at market tomorrow (10/29) and next week (11/5).