Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Day for WeeBee Farms is October 2nd!

There is still some garlic left this Saturday. I will be selling a lot of Jumbo Size heads of German Extra Hardy, which I had saved to plant, but don't have enough room for. These are $1.75 each. Buy them to eat or plant. I will also have some Inchelium Red which stores til January and Chesnok Red- the best garlic to saute with. I have a few Shantung purple which is very spicy and pungent, some variety bags and $5 bags of smaller heads.

German Extra Hardy is named for it's ability to grow well in cold temperatures. Last winter it got down to 17 below in December here, and it grew better than ever- with the help of a lot of snowpack and good moisture. It's my overall favorite garlic- as many of you know- because I eat it raw on crackers (sliced very thin) or for pesto, hummus, or mixed with Avocado. It's also perfect for fresh tomato sauce, put in at the end.
This garlic has huge cloves and is very easy to peel- which makes it a shorter storing garlic. It's best to plan on eating it before November.

Check out the planting instructions below.