Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rose de Lautrec Garlic

One of my favorite garlics, Rose de Lautrec (I call it French Rose) actually does not grow well in Colorado, since it prefers warmer climates. This year in particular it was really stressed out during the 17 below zero days we had in December. It had strange-looking bulbs with no cloves (like an onion) or turned into clumps of tiny bulbils. Although at my friend's garden in Boulder, where it's slightly warmer, hers did fine. So I am encouraging you to try growing it yourself from the little bulbils I've salvaged from it this year.
Plant them in the Fall, and at the end of next June harvest small bulbs. Then save the biggest cloves from the biggest bulbs and plant again to harvest bigger bulbs the following year. It will help to mulch your garlic and grow it in a warmer garden near the house.

Rose de Lautrec description:
An exceptionally beautiful garlic with bright pink cloves that tastes wonderful. It is good raw with cucumbers, tomatoes, hummous, baba ganoush, etc or cooked. The biggest difference between this garlic and others is that it stores until next Spring! It is by far the longest storing garlic I've ever grown. They bulbs always grow fairly small for me, but the taste, beauty and storage outweigh that shortfall. It is a "Creole" variety of garlic known for exceptional flavor.

For more information about Rose de Lautrec, see the official French Website.