Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Time to Buy Tomato Plants from WeeBee Farms

Carmello Tomato
We plant our tomatoes outside around May 31st, when the ground is good and warm! They seem to do just as well or better than planting them earlier. We are excited to offer many new varieties this year- all grown from organic seeds. Tomato plant descriptions:

Carmello- WeeBee Farms favorite for the last several years! Good for fresh eating and for salsa. Very consistent, disease resistant and productive for us. The French Carmello is among the most productive tomatoes ever bred. It is popular in European markets because of it's exceptionally fine flavor. De-hybridized by TomatoFest over a 5 year period. Bears large crops of heavy, juicy tomatoes with flavor that just doesn't stop. Another favorite because it consistently produces great tasting fruit, even in cooler weather. Good for slicing in salads, sauteed, or as an integral part of any dish.
Days: 75   Size: Indeterminate   Color: Red   Season: Mid-Season  Type: Open Pollinated Organic Seeds

Latah- We love to have early tomatoes and the Latah really delivers in the early department. A small airy looking plant with small (not cherry) tasty red round tomatoes. Not too many, but good. Great in pots or in the ground. Perfect for higher elevations, too.
55 days, Determinate, From Organic Seeds

Amish Red Tomato- Description from TomatoFest: A wonderful tomato! Our tomatofest organic tomato seeds produce tall, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield an abundant crop of meaty, 1 1/2-inch long, oblong-shaped, bright-red tomatoes with sharply-pointed end. (The same shape and flavor as Amish Gold but red. The two together are like brother and sister.) The is small tomato packs a wallop of delicious, sweet flavors with a slightly tart finish. A great patio or small garden tomato. Grows well in cooler, coastal regions. Perfect as a salad tomato or in a bowl for snacking. for Tomatofest is one of the very few sources for these rare tomato seeds.
Days: 75   Size: Indeterminate   Color: Red   Season: Mid-Season

Northern Delight Tomato Description from TomatoFest:
was bred to perform in the short season of the Far North. An early producer at 58 days. Our TomatoFest organic, tomato seeds produce stocky, short, determinate, regular-leaf tomato plants  that yield a terrific amount of 1-2 oz., red, juicy, slightly elongated, saladette-type tomatoes. Sweet, but also slightly tart, fruits are produced in clusters of 5-6 that pretty much ripen all at once. Good to plant with your early crop to kick off the season. Great choice for cooler growing seasons.
Days: 60  size: Determinate   Color: Red   Season: Early Season   Type: Open-Pollinated   Good for Containers   

Tiny Tim- Description from TomatoFest: A true dwarf tomato plant.  Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce determinate, regular-leaf, miniature tomato plant that gets to 12" high that yields small braids of 3/4" red, round, cherry tomatoes. This is a perfect tomato for gardeners who wish to grow tomatoes in pots any time of the year inside the house or in limited space gardens outside. Fruit is juicy and has very good sweet/tart tomato flavors. An early season variety (50 days) for those who choose to harvest tomatoes as early as possible.
Days: 50   Size: Determinate   Color: Cherry   Season: Early Season  Type: Open-Pollinated   Good for Containers

Grushovka- Description from TomatoFest: Siberian origin. Delicious, small (2-3-inch) plum-shaped, pink/red tomatoes on small plants.  A very good choice for container gardening.  Good canning tomato. Very, very tasty.
Days: 65    Size: Determinate   Color: Pink   Season: Early-Season   Type: Heirloom   Good for Containers

Beaverlodge Slicer- Description from TomatoFest: Bred at the Beaverlodge Research Center in Alberta Canada. One of the earliest maturing tomato varieties (55 days). Our TomatoFest organic seeds produce short, compact, determinate, plants that are loaded with 2", smooth, red, round tomatoes that contain rich and well balanced flavors. A surprisingly big flavor for such an early tomato. This is a perfect tomato variety for growing in a hanging basket or in a patio container. A good choice for cooler and foggy growing regions like Northern California.
Days: 55   Size: Determinate   Color: Red   Season: Early Season   Type: Open-Pollinated
Good for containers or hanging baskets

Burbank Slicing- Description from TomatoFest: Developed by Luther Burbank around 1915. A heavy producer of medium-sized red, round fruit. Tested very high in amino acids. Does well in drier climates.
Days: 70   Size: Determinate   Color: Red   Season: mid- Season 
Good for containers or hanging baskets

Blondkopfchen-Heirloom   Description from TomatoFest:
An heirloom tomato from eastern Germany. The name of this adorable heirloom cherry tomato means "little blonde girl". TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce big, leafy, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a phenomenal amount of  1/2", grape-sized, brilliant yellow/gold, cherry tomatoes in clusters of 20-30. The vines are large and sprawling, so give them plenty of space. Blondkopfchen is undoubtedly one of the BEST TASTING cherry tomatoes. Deliciously sweet with a slight citrusy tart finish. I have had this in our garden as our favorite snacking tomato for many years and use this cherry tomato for introducing tomatoes to kids who claim they don't like tomatoes. Just put this in your mouth and see if you can keep from smiling. For many years TomatoFest has been one of the few commercial sources for these special tomato seeds.
A Non-cracking, disease resistant tomato variety that grows well in most climates including cooler growing regions.
Days: 75  Size: Indeterminate  Color: Cherry  Season: Mid-Season Type: Heirloom

Anna Russian-  Description from TomatoFest:
An heirloom oxheart variety from Brenda Hillenius, of Oregon, who got from her grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox, who received seeds from a Russian immigrant. An excellent, gorgeous tomato. Early maturing for a heart-shaped tomato, the large, visually beautiful, pink-red fruit normally weighs about 1 pound. Superb rich old-fashioned, tomatoey flavors with lots of juice.
Days: 70  Size: Indeterminate

Amish Gold- Description from TomatoFest: Cross between Amish Paste and Sungold. Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield HUGE crops of 1 1/2"-2" long, oblong shaped, gorgeous golden tomatoes with sharply-pointed end. Fruit has the gold color and flavor of the Sungold, the meatiness of the Amish Paste and delicious sweet/tart tomato flavors that will have you want this as a favorite tomato in your garden. A rare tomato variety. TomatoFest is one of the only sources for this wonderful tomato seed. A unique tomato variety.
Days: 80   Size: Indeterminate   Color: Yellow-Orange   Season: Late-Season