Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tomatoes and Basil are here! Protect from the cold!

We will have Dwarf Greek Basil (Karen's favorite tasting green basil), and several kinds of heirloom tomatoes which we are growing from Organic seed obtained from Tomato Fest. Tomato Fest also sells Carmello tomato seeds. The Carmellos are our long-time favorites- always producing LOTS of sweet tasting red tomatoes for us.
Remember, the night-time temperatures are often still in the 30's. Tomatoes and basil will die at 32 degrees, and must be protected at night. They prefer soil temperatures above 50 degrees, which doesn't usually happen until June. We plant our tomatoes out on June 1st, but Boulderites can get away with planting around mid-May usually.
Peppers will be sold starting May 12th, but they are even more cold-sensitive so we recommend waiting unless you have a way to keep them warm.