Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where are the scapes?

Quite a few people have been asking when the scapes will come. Last year the garlic was super-early and scapes were already harvested and even some early bulbs were out of the ground.
This year everything appears to be exactly on time, or maybe a bit late. Our scapes will probably appear in a week or so. I'll sell them at market June 15- 29th. (Probably just a few on the 15th) Scapes only appear on hardneck garlic, not softnecks like Inchelium Red. They should be harvested when they make a full loop on top. This will help the bulbs get bigger. Leave a few on for fun, or for longer storing garlic bulbs.

The bulbs aren't developed yet, but will be soon. When half the leaves are brown- it's time to harvest! For us this is usually around July 1st. Earlier for the Tzan and other Turban types.
Look for garlic bulbs at market starting August 3rd.