Friday, May 31, 2013

Peppers! And more peppers!

12 Types of Sweet Peppers 9 Types of Hot Peppers!
• All but 2 from Organic seeds
It's finally time to plant peppers! I know a lot of you planted them earlier- and you Boulderites have a bit warmer temperatures so they should be fine. We will plant ours early next week. They do NOT like cool ground temperatures and it was 39 degrees here last night. (The peppers are more prone to fungal diseases when they are too cool.) We have gotten a good crop of peppers every year with the late planting strategy. Some will have to be covered when we get the first frost in September or October. Most of the green ones will turn red by September, some in August.

We have 9 kinds of hot peppers and 12 kinds of sweet ones to sell at market tomorrow including our very favorites that grow well at WeeBee Farms.  For hot peppers we'll have Jalapeno, Anaheim, Serrano, Greek pepperoncini, Hungarian hot wax, Bulgarian Carrot chile, Santaka hot Asian, Hot Purira and Cayenne. The Sweet Italians are our favorites and we have Joelene's, Atris, Sullivan's frying, Oranos, Belcanto and Jimmy Nardello. For Bell Peppers we have King Crimson, Early Red Sweet, Jupiter, and Asti red. These are all varieties that we have grown here and have produced well for us.
The only ones we could not find organic seeds for are the Serrano and Bulgarian Carrot Chiles. The rest are grown from Certified Organic seed.

Atris- Our favorite pepper from 2012! In our search for good organic pepper seeds we found this one that turned out to be amazing. These huge red Italian peppers taste SO sweet, and the plants are really productive! We got lots of these last year and used them for stir-frying and eating fresh off the vine. This is a photo we took last season. Look how big they are! Definitely worth growing.