Friday, September 27, 2013

Chesnok Red!

We have lots of Chesnok Red garlic for eating and planting this Saturday. Chesnok Red is our all-time best seller because it's so flavorful and really stands out in cooking. It has won taste tests for best baked (roasted) garlic. It also keeps its good flavor through sauteeing. We've tested 50 garlics over the years for flavor, and Chesnok is the best for sauteeing- keeping it's delectable flavor, but getting milder and sweeter (as most garlics do) when sauteed.
It's also our favorite choice for roast lamb, marinating meats, adding to our canned salsa, pickles, long-cooked tomato sauce and soups. Chesnok Red is also very high in medicinal compounds so when a cold is coming on we press some and mix it with honey to take as medicine.  The bulbs will store until December.

"Chesnok" is the Russian word for garlic, and Chesnok Red originated in the former Republic of Georgia. It consistently grows very well here at WeeBee Farms where we've grown it for 15 years. It can also grow at higher elevations and is very cold-hardy.