Friday, September 27, 2013

WeeBee Farms is helping the Longmont Humane Society raise money

Part Of WeeBee Farms Sales on 9/28 Will Be Donated to LHS For Flood Victims and Long Term Help!
Caley is a big fan of the Longmont Humane Society and he has decided that half of his cucumber sales will be donated. 10 percent of the garlic sales from Saturday will also be donated.
The Longmont Humane Society desperately needs support to keep going and to house and feed over 180 pets from flooded families. We can't imagine having to leave our pets behind, and want to help the families from Lyons and Longmont that have had to do that. We adopted Caley's dog "Tugger" from LHS and know that they are an awesome shelter with super big-hearted volunteers and staff running it.
Recent Article about LHS

Come see the poster that Caley and Karen made
Come see our poster with recent articles about LHS . If you decide to donate- anything from a dollar on up will help a lot! We'll pass on the cash or checks directly to Longmont Humane Society and we'll even take market bucks and convert those to a check to donate. If you want to donate directly to LHS online you can go to their website to do so.