Friday, May 22, 2015

Getting plants ready for planting...

This has been a super challenging May for gardening! And for plant-selling!
The greens have been outside in their pots for a month getting huge in their pots waiting for the soil to dry out enough for planting.
A few of the tomatoes, cucumbers and basil were out for a week hardening off and now have been stuck in the greenhouse. The rest of the basil and tomatoes haven't been out of the greenhouse yet.
Peppers- hate the cold soil most of all (with cucumbers running a close second.)
These have been on heat mats in the greenhouse, just waiting to get out and see the sun. I can't bring even one flat to market yet- which works out OK since planting time for these in Boulder isn't til June 1st- thru 10th. The heat mats are preventing them from getting fungal diseases which can cause root rot and plant death. Also we are using compost tea from Harlequin's gardens and worm castings in the soil mix which helps prevent root rot in my experience.