Thursday, May 14, 2015

Plant Sale • Sunday, May 17th • 10am to 3pm

All Plants are safe for honeybees and other pollinators
Starts for your vegetable garden:
9 types of Kale, Broccolini (Broccoli Piracicaba), Rapini (broccoli raab), Colorful Red Mustard greens, Colorful lettuces (heat tolerant types), Komatsuna ("Japanese Spinach") Onion starts, bok choy, Pea starts, Salad bowl planters, Swiss Chard (3 colors), Collard greens, Cabbage, Garlic greens, cilantro

Hot weather plants:
Tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, (squash, beans and peppers available later, too early to plant them out)
Pollinator friendly flowers: Sweet peas, sunflowers, licorice mint, borage, and more
Also a wide variety of flowering plants from North Field Farm in Lafayette
Strawberry plants: from "Gayle Grows It", 2 varieties: " Seascape" and "Mara des Bois"

All are safe for bees (and humans too!)
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