Monday, May 13, 2013

Cut worm alert

We have been having a terrible problem with cutworms this year. They come out in the evening and cut down the newly planted seedlings at the base. They have cut all of our onion transplants so far, and unfortunately have done widespread damage in one of our garlic fields. (The first time we've had a pest eating the garlic). The good news is that the miller moths that come from the cut worms are great food for birds. And the cutworms are good food for lots of creatures including skunks and chickens.
To protect your young seedlings, wrap the base with wet newspaper or brown bag strips. The strips should be an inch below and an inch above ground. Our seedlings that have these strips have not been cut. Read more about cutworms at this link:
Above: The collar on the broccoli planted in April kept it alive, so far
  Notice the collars at the base of the peas?
                  The culprit