Friday, May 3, 2013

Our "normal" Spring begins NOW! Right?

Our lettuces and kale gardens have survived 4 blizzards now, and our low temperatures (1 degree in early April, 12 degrees this Wednesday night). And our high of 81 on Sunday. They get a bit flattened, then perk back up. A few broken kale leaves- yummy to nibble. The arugula and mustard were hit the hardest (note to self- not as cold hardy as the lettuce).
Now it's really time to get going on gardening! Right? The forecast for next week calls for a low of 31, and then mostly lows in the 40's. A few possible showers. No Blizzard!
Plant cold weather crops before it's too hot! Wait until late May for tomatoes and basil. June 1st for peppers.