Monday, September 22, 2014

German Extra Hardy for Pesto, Guacamole...

We have 3 newer garlics and LOTS of German Extra Hardy! This is my all around favorite since I love to eat garlic raw on crackers, in guacamole and with tomatoes or cucumbers. It's a customer favorite for its big, easy to peel cloves and great taste for Pesto. We have a lot this year and so are offering it at the bulk rate of 3 for $5.
We have small quantities of these 3 newer garlics:
Dukanskij-  A delightful hardneck, originally from Kazahkistan. Raw, its starts smooth but finishes with a bite. Sweet and pleasant when baked or roasted. Fat cloves are easy to peel. Will keep through December. (ORANGE)

Shatili- Excellent in stirfry, soups, stews, green chile & curries. Intense, spicy flavor stays strong through cooking. High in medicinal compounds. Gorgeous hardneck with 8-12 deep purple cloves per bulb. Originally from the Republic of Georgia. Keeps through December. (BLACK)

• Khabar ("Siberian Mild")- A fabulous smooth and mild roasting garlic. Spread on bread, add to mashed potatoes or eat with pasta. Nice garlic flavor raw, in hummus or fresh salsa. Collected from Khabarofsk, Siberia. Easy to peel with big cloves. Stores to December. (GREEN)

There are only a few left of these garlics:
Killarney Red, Uzbek Turban (bargain bags), Tzan, Persian Star, Brown Tempest. If you are interested in these but don't see them out, please ask. We are also running low on Shantung Purple.
We have no more Chicago Italian or Malaysian