Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 27th:Basil plants and garlic curls. Then WeeBee Farms will be gone from the market until it's time to sell garlic.

We will be busy harvesting, sorting and cleaning the first 3 weeks of July. Check in later to see when the garlic will be ready to sell at market.
The earliest garlic (Tzan) has been harvested and looks great! The taste is slightly spicy and very rich and tasty. The rest of the garlic will be ready July 1st thru 10th. I harvest when half the leaves are brown.

Last week to buy garlic curls June 27th!

These are SO good and will keep in the fridge for 2-3 weeks. You can put a few in a pan with some oil and stir fry for a minute and serve as a side dish. Or, chop and saute to add to veggies, eggs, beans, tomato sauce, pasta, stir fries... One of my favorites is chopped raw with olive oil and avocados- yum!
Garlic curls 6/17- it's about 3 weeks until garlic harvest!

The garlic field on June 17th. Things look greener than any other year and the garlic looks fabulous!