Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lettuces Galore!

Come by on Saturday, April 17th to see the colorful lettuce starts we'll have for you to plant in your garden. I have Romaine (Freckles, Parris Island Cos, Crisp Mint, Red Romaine, Rouge d'hiver), Butterheads and much more. (See the list below of all the lettuces and descriptions)

Salad Bowls! It's just the right weather to have one of these on your deck before the heat hits. Remember that lettuce can take a lot of cold- 20 degrees is fine for them, but heat and full sun can make them bolt quickly and turn bitter.

Peas! Caley will be selling pea plants after 10am. We have 7 varieties of Shelling and Snap Peas including "Tom Thumb" an heirloom from the 1800's that grows well in small containers. You can bring these to the table to use as a centerpiece- let your guests eat them right from the plant!

Garlic! We will have a little bit of garlic, too. Some bags of small cloves for Spring planting of garlic greens, and a few leftover heads for eating or planting. The big crop won't be harvested until July, and is about 4 inches high now.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Spring lettuces from WeeBee Farms
Australian Yellow looseleaf tasty, bright yellow/green

S Bronze Arrowhead looseleaf Gorgeous, taste test winner

Buttercrunch butterhead very sweet and crunchy

S Canasta crisphead red tinged, very sweet

Crisp Mint romaine compact, upright, excellent flavor
S Flame looseleaf taste test winner, heat tolerant
S Freckles romaine a favorite!
S Grandpa Admire’s butterhead mild, tender heirloom, takes heat