Friday, August 29, 2008

We'll be at the market on Saturday August 30th!

I think tomorrow will be a big day for WeeBee Farms. I definitely sense a pent up demand for garlic! Wednesdays have been busy and I have seen a lot of my regular customers, but not all of you.
I expect to mostly sell out of Chesnok Red and Inchelium Red this Saturday, so if you want those, come early. I will have lots of other good varieties, including some Persian Star.
My son Caley planted Cucumber seeds in the Spring- many more than I would've have planted on my own- with the idea of selling cucumbers at the market in summer. Now he is offering lemon cucumbers and the more traditional green ones called "Muncher". Both are really tasty, and his sales proceeds will be used to purchase flowers at the market- since Mom doesn't usually splurge on flowers.
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Upcoming Markets: Wednesday August 20th, Saturday August 30th

We won't be coming to Saturday market August 16th afterall.
Because of the rainy forecast I've decided to reschedule my next Saturday market to August 30th.
Although I'm fairly water resistant, wet garlic isn't happy garlic...
Last Wednesday's market (8/13) was great. Thanks to all you regular customers who found me in an unexpected spot on the West side of the market. Garlic sales have been strong, and I will probably sell out after 3 or 4 more markets. I hope I won't disappoint too many garlic lovers, though.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Visit Our Stand on Saturday August 16th!
Also, Wednesday August 13th and August 20th 4pm-8pm.
Prepare to plant garlic NOW.
The August 2nd market was a big success, and I can see that the limited supply of garlic this year will sell out soon. I hope everyone will consider buying some garlic for planting in your own gardens, so you will never run out! Stop by for planting instructions at any market.

Now is the time to start preparing a little patch for planting garlic in October. If the soil needs improvement- plant a quick-growing cover crop like Buckwheat now. Till it into your soil in 4 weeks.
Buy your garlic for planting now, while we have a good selection. It is all harvested in early July, so there is no reason to wait. You can keep it in a paper bag on your counter until planting time.