Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creekfest Craziness, Squash, Peppers and Cucumbers

Come from 8am to Noon- We are at the far South End, Near Abbodanza
Saturday May 29th Creekfest will be near and around the Farmer's Market. Creekfest is usually a very crazy day but I will be there selling vegetable plants from 8am to noon. At noon is when the "corndog crowd" takes over, the noise levels get too high for my ears and I pack up my van and walk away from the crowds to a quieter place.

I will be bringing lots of warm-weather vegetable plants: Zucchini, Straightneck summer squash, Cucumber plants (Lemon, Muncher, English and Pickling) Some pepper plants, Tomatoes (Patio, Carmello, Sunray, Sungold and more), Basil (Profumo, dwarf greek and Tulsi)

I am phasing out the cool weather plants, but will have a couple of salad bowls, some lettuce, kale and chard.

Please come early on Saturday to beat the crowds. My spot will be at the far South end, on the East side, 2 stands up from Abbodanza