Thursday, September 29, 2016

What garlic stores the longest? Inchelium Red!

Inchelium Red Garlic was discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. Where it came from before that is unknown. It is one of the best-tasting softneck garlics and has won taste tests for its mild but lingering flavor. It is a good garlic for roasting, general cooking and mixed with salad dressing.
Softneck garlics are known for their long storage and this is no exception, usually storing until January. Part of what helps it store long is that the cloves are tightly wrapped in their garlic skins- which helps keep it from drying out. This also makes it harder to peel unfortunately.
Inchelium Red garlic with our favorite garlic peeling device

Tip on peeling garlic: We have had good luck using a rubber roller (the very inexpensive little item you can buy at a cooking supply store). If you slice off each end of the clove before putting in the roller it works like a charm!

Storage Tips: If you want to prolong the storage you can try keeping it in the refrigerator in a paper bag. Otherwise just keep it away from heat and direct sun or even try the garage. We have found that it stores in a shady outbuilding pretty well until it gets below zero.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Selling at the Longmont Farmer's Market Sept. 17th and 24th- come see us!

For the next two Saturdays we will be selling our garlic in Longmont as well as Boulder. The Longmont Market is at the corner of Hover Rd and Nelson Rd and is open from 8am to 1pm. (We'll also be in Boulder from 8am-2pm)

WeeBee Farms helper Georgia will be staffing the booth at WeeBee Farms Longmont location and can get you the right garlic for cooking, storing, preserving or medicinal uses.

We will be at the Boulder Market until we sell out- Probably until October 15th or so.