Thursday, November 29, 2018

Garlic at Winter Market on Sunday!

I finally finished planting the garlic today, and have some left over to sell at market. On Sunday (not Saturday) I'll be at the Winter Market with just garlic. It's open from 9-3, and I may sell out before the end since I don't have a lot. I'll be in a small space to the far right of the music stage and not far from Silver Canyon Coffee and the other farmers. I'd love to see you there!

Here's the link to the Winter Market details
My art (photos of pollinators) is for sale at Harlequin's Gardens Holiday Market.
See my Art blog for details. WeeBeeFarmsArt

Planting Garlic - better late than never!

I have a tradition of planting the last of the garlic on Thanksgiving morning. Generally it's a warm day and I just have a bit more to fill in some gaps. This year with snow coming every weekend it was hard to find a time when the soil was dry enough to plant.
one field half-planted

Planting in muddy soil
Luckily on Thanksgiving some sections were
planted up to the beautiful sunset time!
dry enough to plant (and some friends cooked dinner!) And the next day I planted all day in the high winds to take advantage of the drier soil before the next predicted snow which never materialized. This week I was able to finish up and enjoy the prospect of a snowy weekend coming.
I have a little left over that I didn't have room for which I'll sell at Winter Market on Sunday then I can relax a bit...

Here's the link to the Winter Market details-

and Harlequin's Gardens where I have my art for sale. And my art blog: