Friday, August 23, 2013

Garlic to plant (or eat) is now for sale. Cucumbers for sale too!

Tomorrow we'll be selling 5 different garlics that are suitable for planting or eating. Chesnok Red, Inchelium Red,  Brown Tempest, Shantung Purple and German Extra Hardy.
Please ask for planting instructions if you need them, or look at our previous post on planting (10/3/12).
These garlics have been harvested from the newer field, that has not shown any evidence of garlic disease. However we do recommend hot water treatment of your garlic before planting as a precaution. ALL of our garlic is great to eat!
Caley has harvested a bunch of cucumbers from his garden and will be there selling them from about 10-1. Lemon cucumbers, Asian and "Munchers".

Friday, August 16, 2013

Saturday August 17th Market update

We will be selling several types of great eating garlic tomorrow: Inchelium Red, Dukanskij, Brown Tempest, Siberian, Shatili and Shantung Purple. There will also be a little bit of seed garlic available: German Extra Hardy and Brown Tempest if you ask for it. It won't be on display yet, and I'll have a 5 bulb limit on these.
Next week, August 24th, we'll start to sell more of the planting garlic- and will have it through September or until it sells out.
(refer to previous posts on garlic disease to differentiate seed garlic from eating garlic)

Garlic descriptions and color codes

Here are some of the recent garlic descriptions and color codes for our garlic:

•  Inchelium Red-  Softneck that is excellent for roasting.  Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. One of the best-tasting softneck garlics with a mild but lingering flavor. Stores til January.     RED

• Chesnok Red- Excellent-tasting hard neck garlic, originally from the Republic of Georgia. Earthy lingering flavor with a unique zesty bite. One of the best baking and cooking garlics. Will store through December.     PINK

• Shantung Purple- Extra-flavorful chinese Turban has 6-8 beautiful rose and beige cloves. Cook for a strong earthy flavor, or eat raw for a fiery heat! Stores thu Oct.  PURPLE

• German Extra Hardy- Great raw! Slice thin on crackers. An addictive garlic taste, with full flavor. Big, easy to peel cloves. For cooking put in at end of heating. Keeps to Nov.  BLUE
(Note The Blue color code was used for Dukanskij Aug 3-17)