Saturday, September 26, 2015

KGNU interview link

This morning KGNU was at the market doing a live broadcast. Robin Claire did an interview with me. If you'd like to hear it go to the archives from this morning (Saturday 9/26) during "Old Grass GNU Grass". It plays from 2:40 -2:46. Here's a link
Robin did a nice job and it was fun.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Garlic Report, descriptions

We have 3 new types of garlic to sell this week: Canadian, Brown Tempest, and Amethyst. The descriptions and color codes are below.
Unfortunately we are out of the individual bulbs of Chesnok Red- but we do have lots of "Bargain bags" of it left for the next two weeks or so. The bargain bags have smaller, blemished or split garlic which we have a lot of this year thanks to hail and flooding and muddy fields. It still tastes great, but won't store quite as long if it is split.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Garlic color-codes from garlic we sold on September 5th

Gourmet Garlic From WeeBee Farms
(Color codes- bulbs are marked on top with colors)
To taste, slice thinly (raw) & serve on a cracker

• Chesnok Red- Excellent-tasting hard neck garlic, originally from the Republic of Georgia. Earthy with a unique zesty bite. For roasting, sauteing, casseroles & soups.
Highly medicinal. Stores to December.    PINK
 •   Inchelium Red-  Softneck that is excellent for roasting.  Discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. One of the best-tasting softneck garlics with a mild but lingering flavor. Stores til Dec. or Jan.     RED  
• German Extra Hardy- Great sliced raw, an addictive garlic taste, with full flavor. Big, easy to peel cloves. Excellent in red sauce: put in at end of heating. Loses flavor if cooked too long. Will keep to November.  BLUE
• Killarney Red-   The ultimate garlic for garlic bread! Has a  mellow, smooth flavor when cooked but is spicy raw. A Rocambole hardneck variety that peels easily. Eat by October. ORANGE
• Basque-  Super mild, yet very flavorful. Try raw on salad, cucumber slices or mixed with avocado and olive oil. Very addictive!  Harvests very early. Stores to November.    BROWN
• Tzan - (Also called “Mexican Red”). Superb Taste &  EASY to Peel! Tangy &  flavorful with pasta and for oriental cooking. A delicious raw garlic. Will stay firm through November, but sprouts early.  Harvests 3 weeks earlier than others GREEN
• Uzbek Turban-  Delightful flavor  -smooth and mellow.  Excellent choice for gazpacho, bruschetta, fresh tomato sauce.  A hardneck Turban from former USSR. Harvests very early. Stores to November.    NO COLOR