Friday, March 19, 2010

See you April 17th!

It's been a longer winter than usual- the garlic poked up January 29th last year, and not til March 1st this year. It looks good, so far.
I've been busy seeding plants in the basement, to get ready to sell starting on April 17th.
I will have lots and lots of salad bowl planters, lettuce, kale, chard and other yummy greens for you to plant in your gardens or planters. Caley is 7 now, and has become quite the businessman; always thinking of things he can grow and sell at the market. He plans to have some pea plants to sell in April, some Kitty grass and some eggs from our chickens.
I will have a little bit of garlic for Spring planting. Mostly small cloves to plant in groups to harvest for Spring Greens. You sprinkle the cloves in the garden, cover with about an inch of soil, and water. You can harvest the green shoots several times before they run out of steam. These are great in soups, eggs, salads- everything!