Friday, June 24, 2011

Last week for plant sales and garlic curlies. Watch for garlic bulbs at end of July or Early August

Come get your garlic scapes while you can. This is our last week to have them, in fact we'll be gone from the market all of July- to harvest and sort garlic and maybe squeeze in a camping trip.

To finish off your vegetable garden come get basil and squash plants and some beautiful morning glory starts and other flowers.

Early garlic is being harvested now

Most of our garlic won't be ready to harvest until June 30 through July 10th, but our earliest garlic varieties "Tzan" and "Shantung Purple" were harvested on June 21st. These are Asiatic garlics that mature earlier than the others.
It's so good to finally smell the unique earthy combination of garlic and dirt again!

How can you tell when to harvest your garlic?
Harvest- Dig up when half of the leaves are brown, usually June 25- July 10. Shade immediately. Hang or put on ventilated shelves for 3 weeks to “cure” with stems on. They must have good air circulation and shade.
How To Store- Clip off the stems after they are cured. Store at room temperature or cooler, out of direct sunlight. Cool basements and garages can work well for storage. The bulbs need air circulation, but storing in paper bags can keep them from drying out too much. Hardnecks generally store up to 5 months. Softnecks up to 9 months.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Garlic "Curlies" are here!!! In season for 3 weeks only

Tomorrow (June 11) WeeBee Farms will be selling lots of garlic curlies (scapes). These are a great vegetable for all sorts of uses, and they keep in the fridge for a month! We'll only have them for 3 weeks so get them while they're in season.
• Chop and add to cooked beans, chili, eggs, omelets, quiche, soups, stir fry, tomato sauce and veggies.
• Chop and sautee in olive oil for a minute. Serve generous amounts over pasta or veggie dishes
• Chop fine and eat raw in cold salads, potato salad, tuna or salmon salad, hummous, tabouli
• Roast on the grill whole with a little olive oil and salt 
You can use the whole thing including the blossom, maybe slicing off part of the tougher end.

Also we'll be selling squash and pumpkin plants- with some interesting heirloom varieties, cucumber plants and basil plants for your garden.