Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pepper Time June 1st- 10th

Peppers! And more peppers! Ideal Planting time is June 1st-June 10th.

Sweet Peppers Hot Peppers!
• All but 3 types are from Organic seeds
It's finally getting close to time to plant peppers!  We will plant ours around June 10th (they can often go in a bit earlier in Boulder). They do NOT like cool ground temperatures! (The peppers just don't thrive if planted too early.) We have gotten a good crop of peppers every year for the last 20 years with the late planting strategy. Some will have to be covered when we get the first frost in September or October. Most of the green ones will turn red by September, some in August.

We have many kinds of hot and sweet peppers. Many are ready to sell at market on Saturday including our very favorites that grow well at WeeBee Farms.  For hot peppers we are growing Jalapeno, Anaheim, Ancho (Poblano), Serrano, Hungarian hot wax, Bulgarian Carrot chile, Santaka hot Asian. The Sweet Italians are our favorites and we have Oranos, Belcanto and Jimmy Nardello. For Bell Peppers we have King Crimson and  Jupiter. Also look for Lunchbox mini-peppers and a few more kinds. These are all varieties that we have grown here and have produced well for us.
The only ones we could not find organic seeds for are the Serrano, Hot Asian and Bulgarian Carrot Chiles. The rest are grown from Certified Organic seed.

Belcanto- A favorite in our gardens for 4 years.  In our search for good organic pepper seeds we found this one that turned out to be amazing. These huge red Italian peppers taste SO sweet, and the plants are really productive! We got lots of these last year and used them for salads, stir-frying, stuffing and eating fresh off the vine. These are definitely worth growing. The Oranos is the orange version of the same pepper. It's just as good and gorgeous in salads. (The Belcanto are almost identical to the "Atris" pepper we sold in the past.)

Friday, May 22, 2015


Ask before you buy!
It's especially important with the challenging weather we've had.
Read below, or the "page" at top right for more info.
  • Hardening Off" (Acclimating your plants before planting)
  • WeeBee Farms takes pride in selling you plants that are ready for planting today. However, during periods of extreme weather, we need to protect the plants in the greenhouse and they may need re-acclimated to the outdoors. Or you may have kept your plants indoors or in the shade for a few days and will need to harden them off yourself before planting.
  • How to get your plants ready for planting

Getting plants ready for planting...

This has been a super challenging May for gardening! And for plant-selling!
The greens have been outside in their pots for a month getting huge in their pots waiting for the soil to dry out enough for planting.
A few of the tomatoes, cucumbers and basil were out for a week hardening off and now have been stuck in the greenhouse. The rest of the basil and tomatoes haven't been out of the greenhouse yet.
Peppers- hate the cold soil most of all (with cucumbers running a close second.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tomatoes, Peppers Cucumbers and More! Ideal planting time coming soon!

Started from Organic Seeds
The All time Favorite at WeeBee Farms
EXCELLENT, sweet flavor! Has produced huge amounts every year at WeeBee Farms under all kinds of conditions. Medium to large tomatoes that are fabulous in salads and also our favorite for salsa-making.  An older French market tomato. Disease-resistant, and resistant to blossom-end rot.    75 days,  Indeterminate  To see our full selection look at the "Page" at the top right part of the blog...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Plant Sale • Sunday, May 17th • 10am to 3pm

All Plants are safe for honeybees and other pollinators

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Not at market today after all...

I headed out towards Boulder and it started pouring rain. I noticed Left Hand Creek was really high and heard the flood warnings so decided to turn back to the farm.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Not sure if we'll be at market tomorrow after all.

Stay tuned. The van is full of salad bowls, but If I come it may be for only a couple hours. 
I have dozens of flats of beautiful salad greens to plant (and broccoli, kale, mustard, peas, bok choy) and they have grown huge!! If you want to get a large order for next Saturday, or possibly pick up at Wednesday market please let me know (weebeefarms@gmail.com).
the Rapini (in the middle) is about ready to eat!

Lettuce, Chard, Kale and cabbage waiting to be planted

How to garden in the rain?? We will be at market in the rain tomorrow until noon or beyond...

This salad bowl has Arugula, Chives, Red Komatsuna (mustard) and lettuces.
Luckily the rainy weather is forecast to clear up next week but until then you can get a salad bowl and eat fresh greens from it. The greens are growing super-fast in this weather! They can (and should) be left out in the rain and snow.
These make super gifts for Mother's Day!
If you haven't planted your other cool-weather greens, there is still time, but they may need some protection from the hot sun coming up.
Wait until your soil has dried sufficiently before trying to work in it or step on it. Compacted soil can be a long-lasting problem.