Salad Bowls from WeeBee Farms

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What Are Salad Bowl Planters?
The salad bowl is an arrangement of lettuces and greens that make the perfect, easy way to grow your own salad. There are usually 3 or 4 lettuce plants, some chives or scallions and a few other tasty greens like purple mizuna or arugula. Sometimes we add some baby carrots, cilantro or baby pea plants for more tasty fun! All plants are grown with WeeBee Farms high standards. From organic seeds, organic potting soil and homemade compost, no chemicals or GMO's ever. We are non-certified organic and go above and beyond organic standards. The bowl is made of lightweight fiber material with drainage holes at the bottom and is re-usable. Works well on patios -not meant for planting in the ground

What do you do?
Put your Salad Bowl in a spot with some sun and just add water! Then enjoy eating your greens.
Full instructions will come with the bowl. It can be moved around as needed on your patio or deck. You can put it outside as early as April 15th as cold weather greens are quite cold-tolerant and don’t mind snowy weather. They don’t like heat and will produce more in cooler weather.

How to Buy
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Salad Bowls will be available to pick up in Boulder or Longmont starting in late April. Boulder: pick up in North Boulder.  Longmont pick up starting April 22nd. Exact dates, address and hours to be announced soon.
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     $37 each

Care of your salad bowl: Keep in a cool spot if possible. They love sun when it's cool, but it helps to move them into the shade when the weather is hot.
A half-day of sun will keep them growing well. Water your salad bowl well with deep soakings. Fertilize with an organic liquid fertilizer. Lettuces will grow until July, when it gets too hot to grow.

After your bowl is finished you can plant some hot weather plants in it and then use it the bowl again for a few years. If you have chives in the bowl replant these to the garden and they will live for many years.
Plants in the bowl: (each bowl has a different assortment, not all of these will be in your bowl)
Lettuce- just water well and pick the big leaves. Never pick more than half of each plant.
Mustard, Arugula, cilantro, komatsuna, Mizuna-  pick early and often
Garlic greens- pick the greens often. Just cut off about 2/3 of the greens and they'll keep growing back. Use for eggs, soups, stirfry, potato salad.... anything you would use garlic bulbs for. The garlic bulbs will be depleted and will never grow large so use the greens up.
Onions- Italian Red Bunching Onions. These are scallions. You can use the greens or wait a while and pull up the whole little onion one by one or all at once.