Friday, May 22, 2020

Pepper and Tomato Plants!! Farmer's Market this Saturday! (with restrictions)

I will be at market this Saturday and can't wait to see you!

Some of the plants we will have: Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Peppers, Basil, Asian cucumbers, Lettuce, Kale Swiss Chard, chives, parsley and many more veggies for your gardens. And lots of flowers for Pollinators.
Pepper varieties and planting tips here: Pepper descriptions and instructions
Pepper plants

View photos and descriptions of everything at
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It will be a very different looking market! There will be only 100 people on the street at one time, by reservation only.
Customers aren't allowed to touch the products until they are purchased. I will have signs in the front, with my plants on the ground behind me.
Please read the guidelines here

Order at our website for pickup at the Market!
Or,  put together a wish list based on the website descriptions to make the best of your shopping time. We will have a basket for cash and will ask for exact change. We will also have a credit card reader, but it may be slower and trickier with the "no-contact" policy.
You can also pickup at the Farm on Wednesday or in N. Boulder on Tuesday.

Check out our WeeBee Farms Facebook page at

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Tomato time!!!

Tomato Plants! Available Now 

Order online at
Black Cherry Tomatoes

In Boulder it is generally safe to plant after May 20th. We usually plant June 1st on our Farm.

View Tomato descriptions here at the top right of our page under "info pages" or use this link:

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Ordering opens every Wednesday starting at 8am at BCFM. Early Tomatoes

Latah Tomatoes

This week, weather permitting, WeeBee Farms will have some very early tomatoes (called Latah) that you can put in pots and bring in and out as the weather dictates. (Best to wait to plant in the garden around May30th) Order through the Farmer's Market Website after 8am on Wednesday (I sold out by noon last week!)
See descriptions at

Or order at our website for pickup at the Farm or in N. Boulder: