Friday, August 28, 2020

The current garlic market news.

We will be at Boulder Farmer's Market and have Chesnok Red, Inchelium red, Amethyst and a few other delectable types in the bins. And lots of variety bags (5 different garlics, color-coded to identify).

Our new garlic for the week is ••Yugoslavian- Both spicy and sweet! Try putting in at the end of stir-frying vegetables or in a quick-cooking sauce. Nutty and smooth when baked. Has a bite when eaten raw. Nice aftertaste. Big, easy to peel cloves! Stores to November.


We have some planting garlic in bags as well , 3 types: Inchelium Red, Chesnok Red and German Extra Hardy.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Selling at Market- schedule and info.

 Saturday, August 8th will be our second market with garlic this year.

Garlic "Bargain Bag"
Garlic Bargain Bag

There will be 6 different types of garlic including Chesnok Red, Inchelium Red, Khabar, Shantung Purple, and Tzan ("Mexican Red"). There is a 5-10 bulb limit on many of these since we are just getting started and don't want to sell out in the first hour!

We'll have bargain bags, variety bags and a few jumbo garlics for eating or planting. Looking at the amount of garlic we have at this point I believe we will be at the Boulder Farmers market through September 12th or beyond. Check in here before making a special trip. 

And feel free to order from our website for pick-up at the farm or N. Boulder.