Friday, May 26, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Buy your Pepper Plants on June 3rd!

Peppers for sale May 27th- Lots more on June 3rd. With cool temperatures we recommend waiting one more week!

Sweet Peppers Hot Peppers!
It's finally getting close to time to plant peppers!  We will plant ours around June 10th (they can often go in a bit earlier in Boulder). They do NOT like cool ground temperatures! (The peppers just don't thrive or produce well if planted too early.) We have gotten a good crop of peppers every year for the last 22 years with the late planting strategy. Some will have to be covered when we get the first frost in September or October. Most of the green ones will turn red by September, some in August.

Hot Peppers! Sweet Peppers 
 We have many kinds of hot and sweet peppers including our very favorites that grow well at WeeBee Farms.  For hot peppers we are growing Early Jalapeno, Anaheim, Serrano, Bulgarian Carrot chile, Santaka hot Asian. Fatalii and Shishitos are available too- see below. The Sweet Italians are our favorites and we have Oranos, Belcanto and Jimmy Nardello. Also look for Lunchbox mini sweet peppers . These are all varieties that we have grown here and have produced well for us. 
                                        Fatalii Pepper is Fiery Hot-
Fatalii pepper
Fatalii is a type of habanero, but matures a bit earlier. (Habaneros usually don't grow well here since the season isn't long enough)

Belcanto Sweet Italian- A favorite sweet pepper in our gardens for 5 years.  In our search for good organic pepper seeds we found this one that turned out to be amazing. These huge red Italian peppers taste SO sweet, and the plants are really productive! We got lots of these last year and used them for salads, stir-frying, stuffing and eating fresh off the vine. These are definitely worth growing. The Oranos is the orange version of the same pepper. It's just as good and gorgeous in salads. (The Belcanto are almost identical to the "Atris" pepper we sold in the past.)

Belcanto Sweet Italian
The only ones we could not find organic seeds for are the Serrano, Santaka Hot Asian and Bulgarian Carrot Chiles. The rest are grown from Certified Organic seed.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Saturday May 6th- come get your garden started!

Look for our Pollinator friendly flowers! Sunflowers, licorice "mint",  poppies, hummingbird mixes and Honey bee mixes and colorful dwarf jewel and "fiesta" nasturtiums. As beekeepers we make sure that all of the flowers are 100% safe for pollinators. From organic seed, soil mix, compost.
For your veggie garden: Broccolini, greens, lettuces, kale bok choy, mustard greens, arugula, cilantro, swiss chard and Salad Bowl planters!
Tomatoes and Basil Next week through June 1st is the right time to plant basil and tomatoes. We will have super -healthy plants at the right time for planting. All from Organic seed. See descriptions listed under "Pages" at the top left of this page.
Peppers! We will have lots in 2 weeks. Plant June 1 thru June 10th. 95% from organic seed.