Friday, September 24, 2021

Garlic in Boulder! Garlic in Longmont

Garlic for Eating! Garlic for Planting*!

It’s been quite a garlic season. We’ve had an abundance of garlic for 7 weeks and will have another big Market Day tomorrow. We’ll be in Boulder as usual (until October 9th). And thanks to my trusty helper Georgia -we’ll be in Longmont too on Sept 25th. 

We have about 10 different types to choose from, including our famous variety bags (pictured) with 5 or 8 varieties, color-coded and with helpful info. We also have “planting” variety bags with extra-large garlic and instructions on how to plant. *A hot water soak is recommended. This is probably the peak of garlic availability so come on by before our supplies dwindle. October 2nd will be another big Market day too.

For planting instructions see our info pages on this page (top right area)