Saturday, November 30, 2019

Black Swallowtail Saturday!

Seems like an eternity since the zinnias were blooming in late September!

This summer I saw far more butterflies (Monarchs and Black Swallowtails) and bumblebees than usual. It was a good year for pollinators at our farm.
Which of course means I couldn't help taking LOTS of pictures. So I have some new photo notecards on display at the Harlequin's Gardens Holiday sale which is going on today and the next few weeks.  Here is the link to the event times:
                                       and here's the link to view the gift catalog art section:
If you've never been there I encourage you to check it out. It's very peaceful and so wonderful to be surrounded with the beautiful things there made by local artists.

I'll probably be heading over there today in spite of the wind that makes me want to just sit near the woodstove all day. They've got Celtic music starting at 2. If you're looking for my notecards they are in the front area in a long wicker basket. Friends tell me it's hard to spot since the display is small.

I hope you've all had a good Thanksgiving and are finding some cozy time during our January-like season. This year I definitely did not follow my usual tradition of planting the last bit of garlic on Thanksgiving morning! Since I sold out of garlic very early at market (due to losing half of it due to a weather event) I was able to start planting in late October and finish between snowstorms. Phew!....