Friday, June 22, 2018

Scapes Galore! Veggie plants for sale. National pollinator week. Last week til August 4th.

We have lots of curlies- otherwise known as garlic scapes- to sell this week. We harvested the last batch yesterday while they are still young and tender.

How to use cooked: Put in your eggs, beans, potatoes, pasta, soup, stir fry, burrito.  Sautee for a minute, add salt and serve as your pasta topping. You may want to cut off the bottom part if it is tough, and the tip. You can use the flower part in your food if you like. They are great grilled whole too!
How to use raw: Slice thinly and add to a green salad, potato salad, hummous, tabouli, tuna salad, dips.
Make pesto (puree with olive oil and salt) and spread on bread, sandwiches, pizza crust.
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Scapes will store for 2 months in the fridge in a plastic bag!!
We will have generous bags (about a handful) for $2.25 (or $2 if you bring your own bag). 
Come get them at the Boulder Farmer's Market this Saturday! The garlic harvest will start next week so we will not be at market again until August 4th.

We'll also have some tomato, basil, pepper, cucumber plant and a few other plants for your garden. 

We specialize in selling plants for pollinators- come celebrate National Pollinator week with us. Bee friendly plants from organic seed, no chemicals, especially grown for pollinators and flowering beauty.