Thursday, May 24, 2012

CreekFest Weekend! Come to market early!!! Garlic Curls, Pepper Plants, Tomatoes, Basil..

If you love Corn Dogs- come anytime! If not, come between 8am-Noon to buy plants and fresh veggies. WeeBee Farms will be selling a huge variety of plants. Peppers, Tomatoes, Eggplants, Cucumbers, Basil, Squash, kale, lettuce (heat tolerant varieties), Salad Bowl planters and more. The first of the garlic curls are here (about 2 weeks early!) We will probably pack up around noon or so to escape the craziness.

It's Time to Buy Tomato Plants from WeeBee Farms

Carmello Tomato
We plant our tomatoes outside around May 31st, when the ground is good and warm! They seem to do just as well or better than planting them earlier. We are excited to offer many new varieties this year- all grown from organic seeds. Tomato plant descriptions:

Carmello- WeeBee Farms favorite for the last several years! Good for fresh eating and for salsa. Very consistent, disease resistant and productive for us. The French Carmello is among the most productive tomatoes ever bred. It is popular in European markets because of it's exceptionally fine flavor. De-hybridized by TomatoFest over a 5 year period. Bears large crops of heavy, juicy tomatoes with flavor that just doesn't stop. Another favorite because it consistently produces great tasting fruit, even in cooler weather. Good for slicing in salads, sauteed, or as an integral part of any dish.
Days: 75   Size: Indeterminate   Color: Red   Season: Mid-Season  Type: Open Pollinated Organic Seeds

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pepper plants for sale

We have the best pepper plants we've ever grown. Come see! Lots of hot peppers, Italian Sweet peppers and some sweet Bell peppers. Many of them started from organic seed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oats and Peas- Cover crop

This field will have garlic planted in the Fall, but for now the oats and peas are thriving. These are a "cover"crop to be turned in to add fertility to the soil. Then buckwheat will be planted for a summer cover crop.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alpine Strawberries.. the sweetest strawberry ever!

There's nothing like the taste of wild strawberries! They are so much sweeter and delicious than regular garden strawberries- there's no comparison. We're growing Alpine Mignonette wild strawberries from Renee's seeds and have plants to offer now. They are hardened off and ready to plant. Last year we planted some of these in planters outside, and we got lot of delicious berries in the first year. They were SO good... They don't send out runners like the big strawberries, but the clump gets bigger fairly quickly. You can plant them about 10"-12" apart in the ground or in containers.
from Renee's garden website
Information from Renee's Garden website: Alpines can grow in full sun, although in very hot weather areas

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tomatoes and Basil are here! Protect from the cold!

We will have Dwarf Greek Basil (Karen's favorite tasting green basil), and several kinds of heirloom tomatoes which we are growing from Organic seed obtained from Tomato Fest. Tomato Fest also sells Carmello tomato seeds. The Carmellos are our long-time favorites- always producing LOTS of sweet tasting red tomatoes for us.
Remember, the night-time temperatures are often still in the 30's. Tomatoes and basil will die at 32 degrees, and must be protected at night. They prefer soil temperatures above 50 degrees, which doesn't usually happen until June. We plant our tomatoes out on June 1st, but Boulderites can get away with planting around mid-May usually.
Peppers will be sold starting May 12th, but they are even more cold-sensitive so we recommend waiting unless you have a way to keep them warm.