Sweet Peppers & Hot Peppers

Sweet Peppers Hot Peppers!
It's getting close to time to plant peppers!  We will plant ours around June 10th (they can often go in a bit earlier in Boulder. Aim for June 1-10). They do NOT like cool ground temperatures! (Peppers don't thrive or produce well if planted too early.) We have gotten a good crop of peppers almost every year for the last 23 years with the late planting strategy. Some will have to be covered when we get the first frost in September or October. Most of the green ones will turn red by September, some in August.
If you buy your peppers early be sure to pot them up into a bigger pot and keep it indoors at night until the soil temperatures stay warm at night. (Ideally no cooler than 60 degrees)

We have many kinds of hot and sweet pepper plants including our very favorites that grow well at WeeBee Farms.
These are a few of the pepper plants that we offer. Pepper descriptions for the others can be found in an online search.

2021 Peppers at WeeBee Farms
Hot Peppers
We are growing: Early Jalapeno • Anaheim (NuMex Joe E Parker) •  Ancho/Poblano • Serrano • Bulgarian Carrot chile •  Hungarian Hot Wax • Santaka Hot Asian • Shishitos

Bulgarian Carrot Chile
One of our favorite hot peppers. It has a pleasant, sweet, fruity flavor that complements the heat. A very productive pepper plant that grows only 18” high but may have 40-55 peppers per plant. The peppers are 3” long and good in eggs, salsa, pickling, marinades, hot sauces or for roasting and cooking. Go easy because they are very hot! Does well in pots, grows about 16-24" high.
5,000–30,000 Scovilles
About 68 days to maturity
Shishito Peppers
Small 2-4”, mild Japanese pepper for roasting, pan-frying and grilling.
Thin walls blister and char easily when roasted or grilled, taking on rich flavor that is delicious with coarse salt and lemon juice. Not hot but the occasional fruit may display heat. Typically used green, but eventually turns orange and red with sweeter flavor. Prolific!
2ft high plants may be planted in containers
Days to Maturity: 55-60 days green • from Organic Seed

Santaka Hot Asian Peppers
Scoville Heat Units: 40,000-50,000 SHU
Santaka chili pepper is a hot and flavorful Japanese Asian variety, perfect for Asian cooking, especially stir-fries. They are also great in salsas and sauces, and can be strung together, dried, and ground into powder.They grow to about 2 inches long and the plant itself is small and very attractive, with white flowers and an ornamental appearance- great for containers.
Days to Maturity: 70 days 

Sweet Peppers
The Sweet Italian peppers are our favorites. Our sweet pepper varieties this year include  • Jimmy Nardello • Carmen • "Sweet Romanian" Chervena Chushka •   Escamillo

Jimmy Nardello
Jimmy Nardello is a longtime favorite of ours for salads and veggie stir fries- most don't make it into the house because we snack on them in the garden.
Thin-walled 6-8" long. Good raw, in stir-fries and fried.
Brought to Connecticut from the village of Ruoti in the Basilicata region of southern Italy in 1887 by Jimmy Nardello’s mother.
Tall plants need to be staked.
76 days to maturity (red) • From Organic Seed
Carmen Sweet Italian
 In our search for good organic pepper seeds we found this extra sweet one that has become our go to pepper. These large red Italian peppers are super- sweet, and the plants are really productive. Use them for salads, stir-frying, stuffing, roasting and eating fresh off the vine. Italian Red peppers are sweeter than Bell peppers in our opinion, easier to grow and more productive.  They are 5-6" long with thick walls. The plants are leafy which helps prevent sunscald on the peppers as they ripen.
30"- 36" high plants need staking and a cage.
Days To Maturity- 60 green; 80 red ripe
from Organic Seed

King Crimson (Early Bell!)
A sweet bell pepper that is extra early, thick-walled, very flavorful and produces quite a few small/medium peppers.
The only bell we grow.
About 20" high. Needs staked.
Days To Maturity-  57 days to green, 65 days to red ripe
From Organic seed

A large golden yellow Italian Sweet pepper. 
This is similar to Carmen, but beautiful yellow and very sweet. It grew well for us last year in our trials at WeeBee Farms
 Plants need staking and are about 30"-36" high.
Peppers are 6" long x 2-2 1/2" wide. 
Days To Maturity-  60 days to green, 80 days to Yellow ripe
From Organic seed