Friday, July 29, 2016

See you tomorrow!

We'll be at the Boulder Farmer's Market tomorrow, July 30th. We will have German Extra Hardy, Chesnok Red, Inchelium Red, Tzan ("Mexican Red"), Uzbek Turban, Shantung Purple and more. Also lots of bargain bags ($5 bags of smaller or blemished garlic), 6/$6 bags of smaller heads and variety bags- with 5 garlics, each color-coded to identify them. Most of the garlic is medium to large size this year (yay!).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Garlic Update- A Great Harvest, Lots of good garlic! See you July 30th through October

After a little confusion as to when the garlic was ready to harvest, most everything turned out great! The leaves turned brown early, but the majority of the garlic wasn't ready to harvest until July 5-12th. (Except the Turbans which got harvested mid-June, and the Inchelium Red which was harvested June 22nd.)  This has been one of the best garlic crops ever all in all. We will be at market July 30th with the first batch to sell and will probably be selling through the end of October.
For seed garlic (home gardeners only) it's best to buy later in the season, as we will have the larger garlic, and garlic from the "cleanest" areas disease-wise.
Disease Report: One small field of garlic had some White Rot. Luckily the 2 main fields only had a few suspicious bulbs and one had a section with nematode damage. We will ask everyone to use the hot water soak treatment if you do plant our garlic for seed. This prevents nematodes or white rot spores from transferring to your soil. We do not sell seed to other growers/ sellers or CSA farms.
Using the harvester for some of the garlic. Most of it was hand-dug, though

Some of the larger Chesnok Red bulbs

On the drying racks (the middle garlic is already dry)

some garlic was dried in our boxcar