Friday, August 28, 2015

Update for August 29th Market

We will be at market tomorrow with 8 kinds of garlic in bins, some variety bags (5 different garlics) and "deluxe" variety bags (8 different garlics). We'll have lots of bargain bags too. So much of the garlic came out small or split due to the June hailstorm and flood here that much of the garlic has ended up as bargain bags. The Chesnok Red turned out especially small and "not pretty" so we will sell out of it earlier than usual. The German Extra Hardy won't last long either. It is mostly split open and so has also gone into bargain bags (great for Pesto making!).
In our main bins tomorrow we will have German Extra Hardy, Chesnok Red, Inchelium Red, Khabar, Tzan, Uzbek Turban, Redneck Wild and Chicago Italian. Under the table we'll have a little bit of Killarney Red, Malaysian and Shantung Purple. Ask if you want any of these.
Hope to see you soon!