Thursday, June 18, 2015

Scapes for Sale!

We will have lots of garlic "curlies" (scapes) for sale on Saturday! Come get them while we have them. They store for several weeks in the fridge in a plastic bag.

We will have generous bags for $1.50 (or $1.25 if you bring your own bag). We'll also have some cucumber and squash plants, flower starts and a few other plants for your garden.
WeeBee Farms will not be at market in July and then will come back August 1st with garlic bulbs for sale. We will probably be at market June 2th with a few more scapes and plants.

• Chop and add to cooked beans, chili, eggs, omelets, quiche, soups, stir fry, tomato sauce and veggies.
• Chop and sautee in olive oil for a minute. Serve generous amounts over pasta or veggie dishes
• Chop fine and eat raw in cold salads, potato salad, tuna or salmon salad, hummous, tabouli
• Roast on the grill whole with a little olive oil and salt
You can use the whole thing including the blossom, maybe slicing off part of the tougher ends.

Scapes only appear on hardneck garlic, not softnecks like Inchelium Red. They should be harvested when they make a full loop on top. This will help the bulbs get bigger. Leave a few on for fun, and for longer storing garlic bulbs.

The bulbs aren't developed yet, but will be soon. When half the leaves are brown- it's time to harvest! For us this is usually around July 1st. Two or three weeks earlier for the Tzan and other Turban types.
Look for garlic bulbs at market starting August 1st or so. Check back here for the exact date.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flood and Hail Recovery, garlic report.

Thank goodness, some of our garlic looks normal and has made scapes!! We weren't sure, after most of the leaves were shredded and the early scapes got "hailed off". We harvested the early garlic ("Turban" types, about 10% of our crop) on June 11th and it looks great. These had already formed their bulbs before the hailstorm. Although they were extremely muddy, they all came out of the ground just in time before we got another .6 inches of rain. Some of the unharvested garlic looks pretty bad, as it was pummeled from the side and has slits in the stems with lots of strange growth coming out of the slits. Some of the garlic looks OK, but I won't know for sure for another week or two whether it will be normal and what size it will be.
Shredded garlic after June 4th hailstorm

Flooding on June 5th into the garlic field

Friday, June 5, 2015

Huge Hail storm, If we are at market will have scapes, pepper and tomato plants....

Unfortunately last night's storm hit us hard. We were pummeled by hail for about an hour, and got about 2 inches of rain on top of that. We got another inch in a quick storm late this morning. Now we are dealing with some flooding and trying to rescue the bees.
I'm thinking I'll be at market with the plants that were untouched under shelter and in the greenhouse, but not sure- it depends on the forecast. The garlic is shredded- some of the bulbs may turn out fine. We'll just have to wait and see
constant lightning illuminated the photos

flooding got worse after this photo and came up to the garlic field

garlic lost most it's leaves