Friday, September 20, 2019

Big garlic this week and next at Boulder Farmers Market. Predicted last day Sept 28th.

Saturday September 21st-
Tomorrow we will have a nice selection of garlic, but in small quantities. Look for the Jumbo and Extra-Large size of Chesnok Red. Some garlic failed this year, but the Chesnok Red grew really big! There will also be some German Extra Hardy large size for planting.
Next week Sept. 28th will probably be our last day at market with garlic, with probably just Chesnok Red and a few variety bags.
Extra large bulbs

This week we will have-
• Jumbo Chesnok red and other big garlic for eating or planting
• 8 kinds of garlic in the regular bins
• Bargain bags for $5 or $6 with smaller bulbs
• Variety sampler bags
• Seed planting bags (plant garlic in mid to late October)

$6 Bargain bags