Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Farmer's Market News, Honey Bee Mix

Honey Bee Mix
 Try planting our Honey Bee Mix in your garden. Beautiful and attracts lots of pollinators. We also have "Parade of Poppies" and Hummingbird Mix which both attract all types of pollinators. See more at

Two ways to get your plants!  
As of today you may order our plants from the Boulder County Farmer's Market through the new site
Order on Wednesdays, pick up on Saturday at the Longmont Fairgrounds.
OR    Order directly through WeeBee Farms at

Monday, April 20, 2020

New Online Ordering Website! Check it out!

•••• New Online Ordering Website! ••••
Here it is- the online ordering website I've been slaving over for the last 2 weeks! Plants are available for pick up at the farm on Wednesday and Sunday, and also in North Boulder (details are on the website homepage and order form.) There will be many more pick-up dates coming up next week and in May. Also Longmont and Lafayette deliveries are planned.
Click Here:
Please order your plants through this site and let me know if you have questions or suggestions....
There are lots of descriptions to be added and I recommend you google for details about the ones that aren't finished.  This is a work in progress...

The Farmer's Market will also offer my plants through the curbside service through their site. Use that one if you'd prefer to pick up at the market on Saturday. My plants and Salad Bowls will be available starting on May 2nd through Boulder Farmer's Market.
Pick up for the Farmer's Market orders will be in Longmont at the Fairgrounds where the usual Longmont Farmer's Market is held. Our farm is 7 minutes away from the  Fairgrounds, driving West on Nelson Rd. to 65th Street.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

When to buy Tomato plants - Purchase Spring and Summer plants on our new website soon

April 14, 2020
Order your plants from WeeBee Farms Website 
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Pick-up at our farm, in North Boulder or order through the Boulder Farmers Market for Longmont Sat. Pickup

You may see tomato plants available at local hardware stores and nurseries in April. If they don't look like these, don't buy them! It's WAY too early to get tomato plants here in Boulder County!
WeeBee Farms tomato seedlings on April 14th
Ask any gardener who has grown tomatoes successfully for many years and they will tell you the same thing. We plant them outside May 20- May 30th. If you buy them now and keep them indoors, they will get tall and skinny, and won't be acclimated to being outside at planting time. I see too many tomato plants being ruined from being purchased too early and can't stand the thought of the wasted resources used to produce them- the propane for the greenhouses to grow them, the peat moss in the soil mix, the plastic pot, etc etc.

The exception is if you have "Wall-O-Waters" or "Hot Caps" and know how to use them. Our experience is that you don't get tomatoes from your plants much earlier using these and they are a lot of work to manage successfully.

Tomato Plants from WeeBee Farms- 
Grown for your Gardening Success!
WeeBee Farms Tomato plants are grown for flavor, earliness and disease- resistance. All are grown from organic seed. All are heirlooms that have had good production and flavor at our farm in Boulder County. You may pay and reserve these in advance. Pick-up or delivery will be available May 16th- 30th. Ready to plant at time of delivery.
Descriptions and photos of our favorite varieties here: More info on tomato plants coming in May.