"Bee-Friendly" Plants for Sale!

WeeBee Farms has bees on our farm (Karen is the beekeeper) and we have been very conscientious about using 100% organic practices to make sure all of our plants our safe for pollinators. In fact, the flowers we sell are extra-attractive for bees and other pollinators and we will sell even more flowers this year. Please see the notes about our growing practices at the bottom of the blog "Are we Organic?"
Our plants are free of Neonicitinoids, the pesticides that are implicated in bee die offs around the country and have been banned in several other countries.
Also see previous posts about herbicide contamination and pesticide alerts from August 19 and September 19, 2011 and the Dan Rather story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9BkfaVCv84).