Storing Your Garlic

How to store your garlic

For short term use just keep your garlic in a place out of the sun. A clay garlic keeper is great, or in a cooler place in your kitchen. Garlic needs to breathe so never store it in a plastic bag. A netted bag is good for storing up to a month.
For longer term storage we recommend putting the garlic in a closed paper bag or cloth bag. The garlic will still breathe, but will not dry out as quickly. You can put the bag in the fridge, garage, root cellar or cool pantry. (If in the garage, don't worry if the temperature gets below freezing, it will be OK down to about 10-20 degrees). Our "Inchelium Red" garlic will store until January this way, and sometimes much longer.
Of course, garlic tastes best when it is fresher, so you may want to use it up sooner than later. Keep in mind that the taste will get hotter as you store it and the garlic develops more medicinal potency with longer storage. (see our page on the medicinal benefits of garlic).