Thursday, September 10, 2009

Garlic Available 9/12/09

• Dukanskij- A delightful hardneck, originally from Kazahkistan. Raw, its starts smooth but finishes with a bite. Sweet and pleasant when baked or roasted. Fat cloves are easy to peel. Will keep through December. GREY

• Bogatyr- Rich and spicy. A unique garlic with an excellent flavor. Try in gazpacho, salsa and for a spicy pesto. Good cooked or roasted too. Fat dark purple-brown cloves are easy to peel. Will keep to December ORANGE

• Shantung Purple- Extra-flavorful chinese softneck has 6-8 beautiful rosy/tan cloves. Cook for a strong earthy flavor, or eat raw for a fiery heat you won’t forget! Stores to January. PURPLE

• Siberian- An outstanding strain with fat, dark brown cloves that peel easily and taste very strong. Good in stir fry, soups, stews and potatoes. Will store through Dec. YELLOW

• Rose de Lautrec -French garlic from the Southern region of Tarn. Deep rose colored cloves are like little jewels, and the taste is fabulous! Good in salads, in dips and sliced thin on crackers. Will store to January. By special request, limit 5.

Also available: Chesnok Red, Inchelium Red and Shatili. German Extra Hardy is available in a Jumbo Size heads for $1.75 each. (It is not recommended for planting because of a disease problem in the plot where it grew.)

Chesnok Red is available in Extra Large heads for planting.