Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 Spring lettuces from WeeBee Farms
Australian Yellow looseleaf tasty, bright yellow/green

S Bronze Arrowhead looseleaf Gorgeous, taste test winner

Buttercrunch butterhead very sweet and crunchy

S Canasta crisphead red tinged, very sweet

Crisp Mint romaine compact, upright, excellent flavor
S Flame looseleaf taste test winner, heat tolerant
S Freckles romaine a favorite!
S Grandpa Admire’s butterhead mild, tender heirloom, takes heat

S Green Oakleaf looseleaf never bitter, heat tolerant, heirloom

Lollo Rossa looseleaf baby lettuce, very dark red, eat when small

Merveille butterhead Merveille des quatre saisons, French heirloom
S Pablo crisphead excellent, mild flavor, loose heads, slow to bolt

Parris Island Cos romaine sweet, sturdy

S Red Fire looseleaf fast growing, tasty red leaf

Red romaine romaine 12” tall, and wide, redder in cool weather

Red Sails looseleaf very fast growing red

S Redina looseleaf Beautiful bright red, fast growing, early
S Rouge d’hiver romaine “Red Winter” lettuce, very tasty, heirloom, OK in heat

Salad Bowl looseleaf traditional green leaf lettuce

Sanguine Ameliore butterhead small heads, speckled, tender tasting, 1906 heirloom
S Sunset looseleaf taste test winner, deep red, speckled

Susan’s Red Bibb looseleaf mild  flavor, taste test winner for red lettuces
S Victoria crisphead Spring to Fall

S Webb’s Wonderful crisphead huge heads, stands well in heat

Yugoslavian Red butterhead loose heads, very mild and crisp
S= suitable for summer, either slow to bolt or heat tolerant